“Border War” armistice gets support

state-line-signIt seems many believe some tax breaks can be bad for business.

The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce  notes in a release today that it was among those who testified Wednesday in favor of ending the so-called border war.

In fact, no one spoke against the legislation Wednesday in a Jefferson City hearing before Missouri House and Senate committees.

The bill – providing Kansas legislation later does the same – would stop the use of state tax incentives to lure businesses to relocate to one side of the line or another.

The chamber today also released a letter it wrote Tuesday to members of the Jobs, Economic Development, and Local Government Committee.

It states that the bill introduced by a Republican and a Democrat from the Kansas City area would be an armistice toward ending the destructive border war.

The tax incentives should be used to add net jobs to the metropolitan area, not pointlessly pull from one side of the state line to another, the letter states.

“The back-and-forth has another disadvantage, as it casts a pall over efforts to move forward on other important metropolitan-wide issues,” the letter states.

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