Books and authors come to historic West Bottoms


They call it Books in the Bottoms, and this weekend Kansas City authors will be hosted at the event in the historic West Bottoms.

Authors will be there to sign books and share stories as part of the First Friday Warehouse Weekend, Feb. 5-7.

It will be part of the weekend attraction, along with thirty-plus stores in a six-block area that makes up the nation’s largest indoor, year-round antique and vintage district, said Amber Arnett-Bequeaith, vice president of the West Bottoms district.

“Kansas City is such a creative city and though we don’t have mountains and beaches we find these rich creative resources, like these authors…,” she said in a media release.

Also from the media release:

Fiction writers will include Randy Attwood, with 10 books that include “Crazy About You.” Karin Rita Gastreich of “Eolyn The Sword of Shadows, Aaron Hollingsworth of “The Bone Brick City,” Kristin McTieran of Sunder and Dennis Young, author of a fantasy and adventure book series.

There will also be authors who wrote of history, such as Terence O’Malley, whose works include tales of organized crime and famous dressmaker Nelly Don.

Pat O’Neill, author of “From the Bottom Up: The Story of the Irish in Kansas City,” will be there and so will Mary Jo Draper, who wrote “Images of America: Kansas City’s Historic Midtown Neighborhoods.”

The event will also include other writers whose works range from local food and ale, self-help, humor, inspiration and the art of storytelling – Joyce Layman, Laura Packer, Ann Butenas, Rachel Ellyn, Lisa Allen and Pete Dulin.

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