Big marathon will close streets this weekend

There’s a race coming up this weekend that will affect lots of people in Midtown.

Many streets will be temporarily closed on Saturday, Oct. 19 from about 6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. to accommodate the Waddell & Reed Kansas City Marathon.

Here are details from the city:

As the marathon progresses, the Kansas City, Mo., Police Department will close and re-open streets as necessary.

  • Motorists seeking cross-town, north-to-south routes on the west side of the marathon are advised to use Broadway Boulevard, Southwest Trafficway or I-35.
  • Motorists seeking cross-town, north-to-south routes on the east side are advised to take Bruce R. Watkins Drive (U.S. Highway 71).
  • Grand Boulevard from 11th to 12th streets; 11th Street from Grand Boulevard to Oak Street; and Oak Street from 11th to 18th streets also will be closed to accommodate the event’s 5K route.

Here’s the route:

  • Starting at Grand Boulevard and Pershing Road,: • north on Grand Boulevard, west on 12th Street; • south on Baltimore Avenue; east on 20th Street; • south on Main Street; west on Pershing Road; • south on Kessler Road; • loop around the Liberty Memorial Mall; • south on Wyandotte Street; east on 31st Street; • south on Main Street; southwest on Westport Road; • south on Roanoke Parkway; • east on 47th Street; • south on the Paseo Boulevard; • west on Volker Boulevard; • north on Brookside Boulevard; • west on Ward Parkway to just east of the state line; • east on Ward Parkway; southwest on Sunset Drive; • east on 54th Street; north on Belleview Avenue; • east on 52nd Terrace; south on Summit Street; • west on 58th Terrace; north on Belleview Avenue; • northwest on 57th Terrace; south on Ward Parkway; • east on 75th Street; north on Wornall Road; • west on Meyer Boulevard; • northeast on Brookside Boulevard; • east on Volker Boulevard; • north on Paseo Boulevard; • west on Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard; • north on Troost Avenue; • west on Brush Creek Boulevard; • north on Harrison Street; • northwest on Gillham Road; • northeast on Harrison Parkway; • north on Harrison Boulevard; • east on Armour Boulevard; • north on The Paseo; • west on 18th Street; • and south on McGee Street to finish at Pershing Road.

More information.

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