Better Block comes to Broadway and 40th Terrace

better block

Broadway Boulevard at 40th Terrace will be transformed for a day, Oct. 18, into an ideal bicycle and pedestrian environment.

The intersection is this year’s Better Block project, intended as a one-day real life demonstration of “how Westport could be safer for bicyclists, pedestrians, mass transit riders and drivers, while increasing foot traffic and revenue for local businesses around Broadway,” according to organizers.

Previous Kansas City Better Block events have been held in the Crossroads and helped people visualize a streetscape redesigned around the streetcar. This year, Better Block is focusing on bicycle and pedestrian safety and will celebrate the opening of Midtown’s first B-cycle bike rental station on the same block.

For the day, Better Block will be adding bike lanes on either side of Broadway and two crosswalks across the busy street, intended to show how the two sides of the Westport entertainment district could be more connected.  Organizers will also put up a pop up bike shop, a bicycle maintenance station, and ample bike parking. There will be outdoor café seating, local artists and musicians, and businesses will be providing demonstrations.

Better Block co-founder Jason Roberts said in a 2012 Ted Talk he was inspired by a trip to Europe where he saw plazas buzzing with life, small shops and people walking and riding bicycles. He put together the first Better Block in Dallas to showcase how an average American street could become an environment that attracted activity, small businesses and shops, and people biking and walking instead of driving.

Here’s how Better Block describes its goals on its on website:

“Cities around the U.S. are looking for tools to help redevelop communities that enable multi-modal transportation while increasing economic development, and reducing carbon emissions. The ‘Better Block’ project is a demonstration tool that acts as a living charrette so that communities can actively engage in the buildout process and provide feedback in real time. This site is dedicated to providing news, information, and utilities to help cities develop their own Better Block projects and to create a resource for best practices.”


Oct. 18, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Get involved in Better Block

Better Block organizers are still looking for contributions in the form of donations, materials, and volunteers. If anyone would like to get involved, they can contact For donations, they ask that people visit their campaign at

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