Bedbugs are here: Know your enemy


There are so many more bedbugs in Kansas City these days that health authorities are offering a class on them.

The first class on bedbugs, cockroach and mice infestations is today at 10 a.m. The next is Saturday, July 12.

Both are at the city Health Department, 2400 Troost Ave.

Officials say they are answering the call, actually many calls.

“We used to get a call with questions about bedbugs every few months, but now we are getting multiple calls each week,” said Michael Swoyer, supervisor of the department’s rat control program.

There is no city funding available for bedbug elimination but city officials are working with pest management companies on the education program, he said.

The class is for people who want to learn how to manage pest infestations in their homes.

Four pest management companies have agreed to provide discounts for homeowners who complete the class.

To register for the class, call 816-513-6010.

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