Baby comes early – in hospital parking lot

A baby born in the parking lot of the University of Kansas Hospital on Tuesday is doing fine.

The baby’s mother, Angela Fowler of KCK, realized the baby was coming even before she and Brandon Johnson started for the hospital. By the time they reached it, they were yelling for help.

Marilee Clites and Angela Fowler with baby Branyla.

Marilee Clites, a kidney transplant nurse at the hospital, rushed over to help the couple, just as baby Branyla made her entrance into the world. Clites said its been 30 years since she helped deliver a baby in nursing school, but her instincts and training kicked in. She took off her coat to keep mother and baby warm and tapped the baby to get it to cry.

Fowler and her new 6 pound 14 ounce baby girl were then taken to the hospital’s Mother/Baby Unit where both were checked out and pronounced healthy.

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