More arrests as No Violence Project conducts another sweep

noVa-logoThe Kansas City No Violence Alliance (NoVA) continued its “group enforcements” yesterday, resulting in nearly 20 arrests and other actions. NoVA officers also found severe code violations at two properties they raided.

As part of Operation Halo, Kansas City Police Department officers, members of the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office, DART inspectors and other law enforcement officials focused Tuesday on members of two feuding Kansas City groups recently connected to violence, according to Major Joe McHale, project manager of KC NoVA.

McHale sad “group enforcements” are a major tool in the NoVA approach to reducing violence. Members of groups associated with violence are offered help and services before enforcement takes place, but are also warned that if anyone in their group is associated with violence, an enforcement action will result against all members of their group.

“They were offered anything we could do to help them choose a different path and to interrupt a cycle of violence,” said McHale. “Instead they or their friends chose violence.”

McHale said the goal of KC NoVA is to ensure swift and certain consequences for any person and their associates who fail to heed warnings to stay away from violence. The most important deterrent is demonstrating that consequences are certain to follow if you or someone in your group is associated with violence, McHale said.

This was the second group enforcement initiated by KC NoVA this month. Earlier this month, a similar group enforcement action called Operation Ice Melt focused on group members in the Northeast area of Kansas City.


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