Armour blight study discussion tabled

bainbridgeThe Board of the Planned Industrial Expansion Authority today tabled a proposed dismissal of a controversial social blight study.

The measure will be taken up again at the board’s May 15 meeting, giving the PIEA and Bainbridge Apartment Building management time to continue talks on the issue.

The PIEA commissioned the blight study on behalf of the city and submitted it to the City Plan Commission, where it will remain on hold.

It found that the Bainbridge and two other properties redeveloped as low income housing increased crime so badly that the Armour corridor is socially blighted.

City officials said they wanted to force negotiations for better management by Eagle Point Cos. LLC., of Maine, which redeveloped and manages the properties.

They said the high concentration of Section 8 housing in the Bainbridge, 900 E. Armour, the Georgian Court, 400 E. Armour and the linda Vista, 1301 E. Armour, was contributing to crime that was hampering market rate redevelopment.

Eagle Point Cos., LLC, of Maine, which redeveloped and manages the properties, disputes the study findings but said it will work with city officials to to resolve problems.

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