April 8 election primer: School board elections

sample-ballotYou have a week to get up to speed on school and special election issues before its time to vote on April 8. Yesterday, we outlined the city issues on the ballot. Today, here’s a list of the candidates for school board and community college trustees that will be on the ballot.

Midtown School board elections

School District of Kansas City

For school district, subdistrict 4, vote for 1

  • Joseph C. Jackso
  • Melissa J. Robinson
  • (Write in)

For school district at-large, vote for 2

  • Patricia (Pattie) Mansu
  • Catina K. Taylor
  • Amy H. Hartsfield
  • Janelle N. Bailey
  • (Write in)
  • (Write in)

Consolidated School District #1 (Hickman Mills) Director

  • Vote for three
    • Karry Palmer
    • Bonnaye V. Mims
    • Sandy Sexton
    • Dan Osman
    • Debbie Aiman
    • Clifford O. Ragan III
    • Breman Anderson Jr.
    • Carol Graves
    • Tanesha Forte
    • Shawn Hayes
    • (Write in)
    • (Write in)
    • (Write in)

Board of trustees of the Junior College of Metropolitan Kansas City

  • Vote for 1
    • David L. Disney
    • Delmira Quarles
    • (Write in)

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  1. Lauren Hruby says:

    I wonder how the candidates feel about the halting of progress on the sale of the Westport high school to Academy Lafayette and the Foutch Brothers. This will make a difference in how I vote.

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