Animal control removes 20 cats, 6 dogs from Valentine home

Animal control removing animals in Valentine. Photo by Mary Jo Draper.

Animal control removing animals from Valentine home.

The Kansas City Animal Shelter is asking for the public’s help after receiving numerous cats, dogs and birds from a hoarding case. On Friday, Kansas City police issued a search warrant in the 3700 block of Pennsylvania in the Valentine neighborhood. Staff members of the city health department, codes department, and animal control then entered the home and animal control removed 6 dogs, 20 cats and about a dozen birds.

The shelter said the property owner had been the subject of a previous hoarding case.

“Kansas City Animal Control had been monitoring the situation for a time and deemed it necessary to seize the animals in their best interest,” KC Pet Project, a nonprofit group operating out of the Kansas City, Mo. Animal Shelter, said in a news release.

Shelter officials said in the press release that the majority of the cats are not socialized, meaning that they are not friendly to humans or suitable as pets. The KC Pet Project staff hopes to find placements for the cats in outdoor or barn homes. A fund has been set up  and the shelter is asking for donations of unscented, clumping litter, dry and wet cat food, bird food, and cardboard beer flats, which can be requested from any local liquor store to help us care for the animals.

photo: Midtown KC Post

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