All Metro and MAX buses now have bike racks

Happy bike month.

The Area Transportation Authority (ATA) is taking this opportunity to remind us that all Metro and MAX buses now have bike racks.

Last year at this time all 30- and 40-foot Metro buses had bike racks, the ATA says. But since the last bike month, Metro’s smallest vehicles have added bike racks. These buses are typically assigned to MetroFlex or small routes in suburban areas.

“We are happy that our fleet is now at 100%,” General Manager Mark Huffer said. “Bike racks let customers extend the distance they can travel and allow for more travel options. Someone can take the bus to work and ride their bike home. Or a cyclist can ride their bike part of the distance and then use the bus for the second half of the trip.”

There is no extra fare required to use the bike racks, and no permit is needed. Instructions describing how to load the bike are printed on the bike rack. Riders just lower the rack, lift their bike, and lock the bike into place with the rack’s bike support arm. It typically takes less than 15 seconds to load a bicycle into the rack. Instructions and videos are also available online at

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