A new plan for Bell street multi-family house

Last fall, residents protests the proposed multi-family home on Bell Street.

A developer has returned to the Volker neighborhood with new plans for a multi-family structure on a vacant lot that caused a controversy last year.

The neighborhood will have a second chance to see new design for 3616 Bell at a meeting on Thursday evening.

They got a first look at the new plans last week. Some residents at that meeting said they still oppose the project, and others asked for another meeting to discuss the plans.

Lynda McClelland, one of those who opposed the original design for an eight-unit dwelling on the site, says, “It’s the same plan, dressed up with a little lipstick.”

The property has been the subject of protests from the Volker Neighborhood Association, which objected to the size and scale of a proposed “multi-unit house.” The neighborhood said the building resembled a motel, which was out of keeping with a residential neighborhood.  It was proposed to contain eight separate residential units.

Last fall, the city denied a building permit for the project due to a failure to meet zoning requirements. The city said the developers could either revise the application or appeal the decision to the Board of Zoning Adjustment.

The meeting will be Thursday, May 16 at 6:30 pm at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Westport Road and Bell Street.

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