What will happen when Google Fiber comes to Midtown?


This spring, the first neighborhoods in Kansas City, Missouri will begin to be connected to Google Fiber. This map shows “fiberhoods” that are waiting for the service to be installed. Already neighborhoods just across the state line in Kansas City, Kansas are sprouting new entrepreneurial villages. Will that happen as Google Fiber comes to Midtown?

The Associated Press has an interesting story about what is being called the “Silicon Prairie,” the startup industries being attracted to Kansas City, Kansas by Google Fiber.

It chronicles the activities of several villages of entrepreneurs that have popped up along State Line Road, on the Kansas side. Google Fiber began providing ultra high-speed internet service in Kansas City, Kansas last year. Neighborhoods on the Missouri side will be getting Goggle Fiber later this year.

The story profiles the “Home for Hackers,” where a local web developer is inviting developers with a viable project to live rent free while they work on their projects. It also discusses the Kansas City Startup Village and the influx of entrepreneurs coming to Kansas City for the high-speed connections.

At the Midtown KC Post, we’d like to hear about similar plans on the Missouri side. Will Midtown also attract new businesses and individuals hoping to take advantage of Google Fiber?