What happened last week in Midtown?

The Midtown reaction to dramatically higher property assessments….the sudden closing of a charter school…and a tribute to the “red shirts” who make Main Street safer…that’s what we covered last week.

This word cloud shows some of the words we used last week at the Midtown KC Post.

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As county reassessment notices hit Midtown mailboxes, property owners protested that their assessed values has risen as their market values had declined. A Coleman High realtor was helping dozens of people appeal their new assessed values, but by the end of the week the county had promised to restudy the new values for many neighborhoods.

Transportation, present and future, continues to be a big issue for us. The mayor appointed a commission to study whether KCI, with its three terminals, is the best airport for residents and visitors and if not, what other options make sense. It was bike week, and the bus service took the chance to remind us that all Metro and Max buses now have bike racks. We also checked in on this year’s Tour de Brew, an event that mixes biking, beer and local history. The ongoing lawsuit over the downtown streetcars continued with an appeal by the city meant to speed up implementation.

The Main Street CID celebrated its anniversary by honoring the crews that patrol the street and keep it safe. We profiled one of the “red shirt crew,” who told us what is typical day is like for the crew.

Many Midtowners expressed shock as the state closed the Gordon Parks charter school in Volker suddenly. One of the founders said the state was wrong to only look at test score in an urban school struggling to help at-risk students catch up.

At city hall, the new 9 p.m. curfew proposed for the Plaza and Westport was tabled for a month.

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