Schriever honored with neighborhood award

The Valentie Neighborhood Association has been handing out its Love Awards for decades. The awards honor people who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make the neighborhood a better place.

Last night, the neighborhood presented the award to Master Patrol Officer Jim Schriever of Central Patrol.

Schriever serves as the liaison to the community, working with the residents on ongoing and immediate crime issues.

Valentine President Jim Martin praised Schriever’s successful move into the social media. He now sends a daily crime report out via email and connects with people on Facebook.

Schriever says 15,000 people currently follow his daily reports, but he hopes to increase that number.

He also says he has stopped using the term community policing, which was once a trendy description of police working with the community. He says he now prefers the term partnership because it more accurately describes the relationship that is necessary to let police and the community work together.


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