Race tomorrow impacts Midtown

dress-for-successThe city has alerted us to two races will affect traffic in Kansas City this weekend. You might want to look at the route for the Dress for Success K5 which will have the biggest impact.

The Dress for Success 5K takes place Saturday, June 21 from about 7:15-11 a.m. and will temporarily close the following streets:

  • Troost Avenue, between 31st Street and Armour Boulevard
  • Armour Boulevard, between Troost Avenue and Harrison Boulevard
  • Harrison Boulevard, between Armour Boulevard and Harrison Parkway
  • Harrison Parkway, between Harrison Boulevard and East 39th Street
  • East 39th Street, between Harrison Parkway and Charlotte Street

The Tour of Kansas City Circuit Races take place Sunday, June 22 from about 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will temporarily close the following streets to through traffic:

  • Cliff Drive/Cliff Drive Scenic Byway/Cliff Drive Access Road, between East Lookout Point Drive and Gladstone Boulevard
  • Gladstone Boulevard, between Cliff Drive Access Road and St. John Avenue
  • St. John Avenue, between Gladstone Boulevard and Bellefontaine Avenue
  • Bellefontaine Drive, between St. John Avenue and Lebelle Drive
  • Lebelle Drive, between St. John Avenue and Lexington Avenue
  • Lexington Avenue, between Lebelle Drive and Prospect Avenue
  • Prospect Avenue, between Lexington Avenue and East Reservoir Drive
  • East Reservoir Drive, between Prospect Avenue and East Lookout Point Drive
  • East Lookout Point Drive, between East Reservoir Drive and Cliff Drive Scenic Byway

For more information, please visit www.kcraceday.org.

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