New bank celebrates relationships with Midtown nonprofit, Art Institute

cap fed sister bertaCapitol Federal handed over a check to Midtown’s Operation Breakthrough as it celebrated the ribbon cutting of its Main Street branch today. The bank also announced a partnership with the Kansas City Art Institute that will allow art students to get professional experience proving exhibits at the new 4242 Main Street bank.

The bank’s branch manager, Brian Bruns, handed a check for $8700 to Operation Breakthrough Founder Sister Berta Sailer and CEO Susan Stanton.

“With our move into Midtown, Capitol Federal wanted to make an impact, and what better way to support the children,” he said in handing over the check for facility improvements, playground equipment and medical kits to the nonprofit.

“Its wonderful to see a business open in this community that supports families and doesn’t hurt families,” Sailer said.

alexandra-KhoderThe bank also announced a new relationship with the Kansas City Art Institute. The school is offering its students a chance to gain real life experience by working with Capitol Federal to design artwork for its facility.

One of the students whose work is currently on display, Alexandra Khoder, says students came up with design ideas. Khoder, who comes from New York, said she was inspired to take photos when she first visited Missouri.

“When I first drove out here, I fell in love with how open it was,” she said.

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