Man sentenced for drug deal, firearm possession

An man who ripped off an undercover officer and got caught after a high-speed chase showed no remorse.

He should have shot the undercover officer, he told police who cuffed him.

Luis Alberto Vasquez-Pena, 24, of Mexico, pleaded guilty in federal court today to two counts of distributing methamphetamine and one count of being an illegal alien in possession of a firearm.

According to the press release from federal prosecutors in Kansas City:

Vasquez-Pena told the officer to drive to a house near East 9th Street and Bales Court for a meth deal, where they parked and he took $4,500 for the buy. Then he got out, walked north and got into a SUV driven by a woman.

They sped away and a high speed chase led to KCK. Police arrested him and the woman, got back the $4,500 and found two loaded guns in the SUV.

Vasquez-Pena told police, “I know the game” and that he should have shot the undercover officer.

He said he could not get the five ounces of meth for the deal so he decided to steal the money.

The end of the game: He faces a mandatory sentence of at least 5 years in prison with a possible sentence of up to 90 years.

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