KU doctor who used superglue to share the story

A doctor who for the first time used superglue to repair a rare brain aneurysm in a three-week-old girl will speak today to aneurysm patients and others.

Neurosurgeon Koji Ebersole, assisted by Dr. Alan Reeves, interventional neuroradiologist, used the procedure last week at the University of Kansas Hospital.

The sterile superglue sealed the aneurysm of three-week-old Ashlyn Julian of Olathe, who is now recovering at the hospital.

Reeves gained access to the girl’s tiny blood vessels near her hip and Ebersole maneuvered a drop of glue to her brain using instruments the size of a pencil lead and a strand of human hair, hospital spokeswoman Jill Chadwick said Monday.

Since 1948, she said, there have only been 17 recorded cases of infants less than four weeks old suffering from brain bleeds and this is believed to be the first time superglue was used in a repair.

Dr. Ebersole will talk about the surgery and answer questions today from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Clinical Research Center, 1st floor auditorium, Fairway Office Park, 4350 Shawnee Mission Parkway, Fairway, Kan.

The listening group is made up of patients, their families, caregivers and others but the public is invited to attend.

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