Dance in the Park brings together neighborhoods this weekend

For fifteen years, Midtown neighborhoods have been promoting togetherness through Dance in the Park.

The event takes place in Roanoke Park each year, and brings together the Volker, Roanoke, Valentine, Coleman Highlands, and West Plaza neighborhoods. 
It is sponsored by the neighborhoods and City in Motion Dance Theater.

Dance in the Park showcases a wide variety of dance companies from the Kansas City region. This concert invites neighbors of Roanoke Park as well as visitors from around the metropolitan area to gather in a natural setting to enjoy a professionally produced, community-based cultural event.

This year, Dance in the Park includes modern ballet, Fiilipino sword dancing, Indian street dancing and Capoeira. There’s also a free capoeira class at 6:30 p.m.

The main event beings at 7 p.m.